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Represented in Sector 2814 (a section of space that contains Earth) by John Stewart, the Green Lantern Corps is an elite team of superpowered peacekeepers founded by the immortal Guardians of the Universe.  Each member of the Corps is granted a powerful ring with which to protect his, her, or its assigned sector.


Real Name:  Arkkis Chummuck

Voiced by ???

A native of the world Toomey IV, Arkkis Chummuck gained his power ring after accidentally killing the Green Lantern of Xanshi in battle.  Having been chosen by the ring as a worthy successor, he then used his powers to end the conflict between Xanshi and his homeworld.  Following a tribunal hearing on Oa, Chummuck was inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, where he proved himself to be a valuable asset.  A celebrated warrior, he died in battle against the forces of Despero.


Real Name:  Duck Dodgers

Voiced by Joe Alaskey

In the future of an alternate reality, space captain Duck Dodgers accidentally claimed a Green Lantern costume at his dry cleaners.  Finding a power ring inside, Dodgers enjoyed a brief tenure as a superhero, albeit spent causing more trouble than he was able to reconcile.  Still, he single-handedly saved the Green Lantern Corps from the thrall of Sinestro before the power ring was reclaimed by its rightful owner, Hal Jordan.


Real Name:  Galius-Zed

Voiced by Rene Auberjonois

A trusted veteran of the Green Lantern Corps, Galius-Zed served in many campaigns against evil, such as the battle against the Anti-Green Lantern Corps of Qward.  A hero until the end, he also fell in battle against the forces of Despero.


Real Name:  John Stewart

Voiced by Phil LaMarr

See John Stewart entry.


Real Name:  Katma Tui

Voiced by Kim Mai Guest

See Katma Tui entry.


Real Name:  Kilowog

Voiced by Dennis Haysbert

See Kilowog entry.


Real Name:  Kyle Rayner

Voiced by Michael P. Greco

Sent to find a successor by the dying Green Lantern Abin Sur, his power ring chose graphic artist Kyle Rayner, whose first act was to take down the menace of Sinestro.  Recommended to veteran trainer Katma Tui by John Stewart, the novice Green Lantern is currently off-world learning the intricacies of the Green Lantern Corps.

To see Kyle Rayner's original entry, click here.


Real Name:  Larvox

Voiced by ---

Born of a world where life evolved from insects, bacteria, and plants; Larvox fought alongside its fellow Corps members against the threat of Sinestro and his yellow power ring.  In addition, this genderless Green Lantern served on many committees where the Corpís role in the universe was debated.


Real Name:  Tomar-Re

Voiced by ---

Originally a scientist from the planet Xudar, Tomar-Re went on to become one of the most celebrated Green Lanterns in the Corps.  During his tenure he served as prosecutor in the trial of Sinestro and led a division of Green Lanterns against the forces of Nekron, Lord of the Unliving.  However, Tomar-Re is still haunted by one incident from early in his career:  the inability to save the inhabitants of Krypton.



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The Green Lantern Corps exists to promote order and justice throughout the universe.  Recruits from all sentient interplanetary species have answered our call.

The Guardians (to Superman) in In Brightest Day

Following the demise of the Green Lantern Corps over a decade ago in the comics, it is always a treat to see them make appearances on Justice League.  Their prominent role in Hearts and Minds provided further development of fan favorite character Kilowog, as well as the debut of Katma Tui.  Unfortunately, Galius-Zed and Arrkis Chummuck were killed in this episode, but it is worth noting that their comic book incarnations died several years ago themselves (Arrkis in battle with the creature Maaldor, and Galius-Zed at the hands of the Green Lantern hunter Fatality).

Usually found wearing costumes identical to the one that John Stewart wears, the Corps of Justice League is portrayed as more of a military organization as opposed to the comics, where it tended to resemble more of a giant superhero team where everyone happened to have the same abilities.  After some speculation, it would appear that new members are recruited thusly:  existing Green Lanterns seek out new potential members based on general criteria (heroic tendencies, honesty, and fearlessness), after which they are granted power rings.  Then, the rookie goes off-world to learn from their sponsor in a mentorship program.  Finally, when the mentor and the Guardians are satisfied with their progress, the new Green Lantern is given a sector of space to patrol (usually one containing their homeworld, unless it is currently being patrolled by another).  Other Lanterns are kept in reserve to deal with galactic crises or to replace a fellow Lantern should he, she, or it become incapacitated, die, or retire.  According to Minds, this is the situation Kyle Rayner (from the Superman episode In Brightest Day) is in:  he is currently being trained by Katma Tui, and is presumably stationed on Oa.

As for the Guardians themselves, they have changed significantly since their prior appearance in In Brightest Day.  For starters, they no longer wear the green-and-black robes, instead sporting the red-and-black robes from the comics.  Second, the female Guardian (featured prominently in Day) is absent, which may be an indication that the creative team might choose to introduce the Zamarons (the female equivalent of the Oans and the creator of Star Sapphire) in a future episode.

It is currently unknown if the Corps will return on Justice League, but the possibility always remains, especially since a standing member of the organization is a constant fixture of the League.


Images courtesy of Bat13 from DCU Animated, Cartoon Network, the New Batman/Superman Adventures Homepage, Goldenlands Gallery, and Toon ZoneAdditional materials courtesy of The Unofficial Green Lantern Corps Web Page and The Captain's Unofficial Justice League Homepage!

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