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Led by Sgt. Rock, Easy Company was the legendary combat unit that fought its way through Europe during the bleak days of World War II.  Due to its adaptable roster (taking into account those killed and wounded in battle), the team encountered by Green Lantern consisted of Rock, Bulldozer, Wildman, and Ice Cream Soldier.


Real Name:  Sgt. Rock / Sgt. Franklin Rock

Voiced by Fred Dryer

Enlisting the day after the Pearl Harbor attack, Rock's service record became the stuff of legend following his battle field promotion to sergeant following the death of his commander.  He received several opportunities for further promotion during the war, but he turned them down, choosing instead to remain commander of Easy Company.


Real Name:  Bulldozer / Corporal Horace Canfield

Voiced by Ted Levine

Rock's second-in-command, Bulldozer found it difficult to trust John Stewart, whom he saw as a liability and virtually useless without his power ring.


Real Name:  Wildman / Private Harold "Amhas" Shapiro

Voiced by ???

Originally a soft-spoken history teacher, Private Shapiro had a tendency to go off when pushed to the limit, earning him the nickname "Wildman" amongst his teammates.


Real Name:  Ice Cream Soldier / Private Phil Mason

Voiced by ---

Despising hot weather, Private Mason became the go-to man when it came to combat in freezing temperatures.



Following the slew of costumed guest stars during the past ten years, it was refreshing to see some of DC Comics' non-superhero characters:  everymen devoid of the flashy costumes, fancy gadgets, or top-secret headquarters (the only appearance similar in tone was the that made by cowboy hero Jonah Hex in the Batman episode Showdown).  Of course, Easy Company was considerably reduced for this episode, but a full compliment of soldiers would have been too complex to storyboard (not to mention too expensive to produce).  In addition, many of the characters might have been considered too offensive to viewers (such as Little Sure Shot, an Apache character) or too obscure (Easy Company had several members come and go as they were killed or wounded in their title).

Finally, it's worth noting that John Stewart, pictured here in his Easy Company uniform, resembles member Jackie Johnson, a heavyweight boxing champ who happened to be one of the first non-stereotyped black comic book characters (compare here).  This must have been intentional on the part of the creative team, especially considering the fist fight between Stewart and Bulldozer.


Images courtesy of Toon Zone, bat313, and DC Comics; additional material courtesy of The Hembeck Files!

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