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Summary:  A remnant of the Thanagarian invasion force lures Shayera Hol to an alien world in an attempt to gain revenge.  Hunted by her own people among uncharted jungles, Shayera must elude her pursuers while, at the same time, wonder if they are right to punish her, as her actions led to the Gordanians' victory over Thanagar.  Along for the ride are Vixen and Vigilante, two heroes who don't trust the former double agent, but must rely on her to stay alive.

JL Mission Roll Call:  Shayera Hol, Vixen, Vigilante

Featured Character:  Shayera Hol

Villains:  Paran-Dul, Kragger

Supporting Villains:  The Thanagarian Military


Cartoon Network on “Hunter’s Moon”:  “Responding to a deep space distress call, Shayera leads her reluctant teammates Vigilante and Vixen into a deadly trap (courtesy of The World’s Finest).”

Bruce Timm on “Hunter’s Moon”:  “’Mystery in Space’ has been re-titled ‘Hunter’s Moon,’ and does not feature Adam Strange.  Sadly, he’s one of the characters that is currently off-limits to Justice League Unlimited.  I know, it’s a bit disappointing, sorry, but even though Adam’s not in it, it’s an excellent episode, filled to the brim with savage action and sexy ‘shippy-ness’ (courtesy of”

Dwayne McDuffie on “Hunter’s Moon”:  “We changed it [the episode title ‘Mystery in Space’] because we didn’t want to lead fans to believe it was an Adam Strange episode.  It’s unlikely that we’ll hear what other heroes were doing because the answer is the same:  they fought where they could, to the best of their ability.  The episode [‘Starcrossed’] followed the guys who solved the problem.

“I wanted to use [Adam Strange], but I never came up with a pitch that Bruce [Timm] liked (courtesy of”

Bruce Timm on Firefly and “Hunter’s Moon”:  “[‘Hunter’s Moon’ isn’t] quite a Firefly reunion […] but Vigilante [Nathan Fillon] and Vixen [Gina Torres] do fly around in a spaceship in their episode together.  Huh…and the episode is kind of a ‘space western,’ come to think of it.  Too bad Adam Baldwin’s in a completely different episode (though, he too plays a cowboy [in ‘The Once and Future Thing, Part One:  Weird Western Tales’]; courtesy of Toon Zone).”



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Image courtesy of The World’s Finest.

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