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Summary:  The Question discovers a shocking secret while investigating Cadmus; a secret that has the potential to destroy the Justice League and the public's faith in the heroes that lead it:  in the Justice Lords' reality, their Superman killed the President of the United States.  Conjecturing that what occurred in the Justice Lords' universe could potentially be replicated here, the Question resolves to break the chain of events by killing Lex Luthor before Superman can, thus preventing a war that could lead to Armageddon.  However, all is not as it seems, and the Question is taken prisoner by Cadmus.  Learning of the abduction, Superman and the Huntress must team up to save him from captivity, but they soon find themselves opposed by Captain Atom, who has been returned to active duty and ordered to prevent them from freeing the Question.

JL Mission Roll Call:  Superman, Captain Atom, The Question, Huntress

PC Roll Call:  Amanda Waller, General Wade Eiling, Lex Luthor, Dr. Emil Hamilton, Dr. Moon

Featured Character:  The Question

Villain:  Lex Luthor

Supporting Villains:  Amanda Waller, General Wade Eiling, Dr. Emil Hamilton, Dr. Moon, Mantis


Cartoon Network on “Question Authority”:  “The Question discovers a secret that threatens to shake the very foundations of the Justice League (courtesy of The World’s Finest).”

Dan Riba on the Question in “Question Authority”:  “This was the first time a character we’ve come to know as a hero happened to voice those concerns.  Ultimately, he seems like he trusts Superman, but he wants to make sure he stays in check (courtesy of ToyFare Magazine).”

Dwayne McDuffie on “Question Authority”:  “Superman gave our universe’s President the alternate universe White House security tapes via [Justice Lords] Batman.  […] Huntress assumed it was a simulation.  She was wrong (courtesy of”

Dwayne McDuffie on Luthor’s presidential bid:  “Even [Luthor] knew there’s no possible way he could be elected (courtesy of”



"I know what you told everyone.  The Justice Lords—a parallel universe version of the Justice League—came to our world to rid it of crime, just as they did on their own world.  With Lex Luthor's help, our Justice League managed to route them before they could impose their totalitarian will on our populace.  I also know what you didn't tell anyone, outside of the original seven members of the Justice League.  On that other Earth, so very much like our own, a Superman, so very much like you, killed the President."

"Question, no one can know about this."

"Or what?  You'll incinerate me too?"

"I'd never do anything like that."

"Wouldn't you?  Didn't you recently try to lobotomize Doomsday with your heat vision just as the Justice Lord did?"

"That's different!"

"It's the same.  A heavily armed Watchtower with an army of pro-active heroes, Luthor running for President—if it's not quite the same, it soon will be.  Have you seen Amanda Waller's computer simulations?"

"Batman told me about them."

"Did he tell you all the models predict that a war between the Justice League and the government will devastate the planet?"

"We would never fight the government!"


An exchange between the Question and Superman from "Question Authority"

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Image courtesy of Toon Zone.

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