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Summary:  Fed up with constantly being defeated by their archenemy the Flash, four of his rogues gallery members—Mirror Master, Captain Cold, the Trickster, and a recently-released Captain Boomerang—vow to kill him on Central City's "Flash Appreciation Day."  Accompanied by Orion—who doesn't understand the Scarlet Speedster's appeal—and Batman, the Flash must find a way to survive the attacks and still attend the grand opening of a museum in his honor.

JL Mission Roll Call:  Batman, The Flash, Orion

Rogues Mission Roll Call:  Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, The Trickster

Featured Character:  The Flash

Villains:  Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold


Cartoon Network on “Flash and Substance”:  “Batman and Orion see a different side of the Flash when a rogue’s gallery of villains attacks the museum that is opening in his honor (courtesy of The World’s Finest).”

Matt Wayne on “Flash and Substance”:  “I love the Flash, particularly the JLU’s take on him.  The great thing about this Wally is what a nuanced character he is.  He’s kind of the League’s heart, the moral compass.  He’s also a big goof—an arrested adolescent who either tries too hard to impress girls or can’t read their signals.

“This was initially supposed to tell a straightforward, simple story after all the armies charging at each other in the two previous episodes, to give the board artists and animators a break.  Somewhere in there we decided to have the Rogues Gallery appear.  So much for going easy on the crew!  It ended up being a fun action episode that also deals with what makes him the Flash (courtesy of [website name removed]).”



"Central City builds statues to this fool...who makes bad jokes!  Who concerns himself with pitiful men like the Trickster!  I don't understand."

"No, you don't."

An exchange between Orion and Batman from "Flash and Substance"

Commentary coming soon!


Image courtesy of Toon Zone.

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