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Hank and Don Hall were brothers who, despite loving each other as family, were diametrically opposed to each other due to their radically different social ideologies.  The more aggressive Hank preferred to settle disputes through physical confrontation, whereas the pacifist Don favored the use of diplomacy over aggression.  Thus, the two brothers clashed repeatedly over issues related to politics and society, until the day where they were united to achieve a common goal.

When their father—a strongly principled, middle-ground judge—was seriously injured following an assassination attempt by local mobsters, both brothers wished that they could save their father and bring his attackers to justice.  Their prayers were answered, but not in the way they expected, as at that moment both men were contacted by a disembodied voice.  The voice, a representative of the Lords of Chaos and Order, sought two subjects with which to test a theory; to see whether or not order and chaos could work together towards a common good.  The voice offered to help them by making each of the brothers a representative of the two sides.  Both men agreed, and the voice empowered them with enhanced physical abilities that best augmented their individual natures.

By saying the word "Hawk," Hank was transformed into Hawk, an aggressive individual in a red-and-white costume, while Don, by saying the word "Dove," was transformed into Dove, an agile entity in a blue-and-white costume.  With their new powers they brought their father's attackers to justice and, despite their father's views on costumed vigilantes, they decided to continue their activities as Hawk and Dove, even though they end up fighting crime almost as much as they find themselves fighting with each other.

Andrea Romano on Hawk and Dove:  “I had worked with Fred Savage for many years now; I think he's just a terrific talent and a very good voiceover actor.  And when we got the casting for this episode, the producers came to me [and] Bruce Timm and said, 'Wouldn't it be fun to get Fred Savage and then have Jason Hervey to play his brother?,' since they played brothers on The Wonder Years.  Since I had a working relationship with Fred Savage, that was not a problem—that was really quite simple to call the agent and book him, and he's quite happy to do the work.

“Jason Hervey was a bit harder to track down.  He doesn't live in Los Angeles anymore, [he moved to] somewhere out of state.  We tracked him down and found his agent, who also happens to be his mother we came to find out, and broke it down and explained that it was a Justice League episode with two super-hero brothers, Hawk and Dove, and that we did have Fred Savage on board already.  We asked if Jason would be willing to come into town and play the brother [and], after she spoke with him, she said he would be very enthusiastic to come in and play.

“It was such a joy to see them together. I don't know how long it had been since they had physical contact.  It was quite a lovely story to see them together.

“When I initially cast it and I spoke to the producers on how we were going to cast it, our first thought was to have Fred Savage play Don / Dove—the calmer, more peace-loving character—and have Jason play Hank / Hawk, the more aggressive of the two.  Simply because that was the way they existed in The Wonder Years series; Jason's character was always the more aggressive, obnoxious character and Fred was the more agreeable guy.  Once we did the rehearsal, [however], basically strictly on how their voices printed, it didn't sound quite right, so, just for the heck of it, we said, 'You know what, let's rehearse again, switching characters.'  So we did, and it worked much better that way (courtesy of [website name removed]).”


Real Name:  Hawk / Hank Hall

Voiced by Fred Savage

By saying the word "Hawk," Hank Hall receives augmented abilities from T'Charr, a Lord of Chaos, which manifests itself primarily as enhanced strength and speed.  These powers may be used only in times of danger or when injustice must be fought, and they are balanced by Dove's more pacifist tendencies.


Real Name:  Dove / Donald Hall

Voiced by Jason Hervey

By saying the word "Dove," Don Hall receives augmented abilities from Terataya, a Lord of Order, which manifests itself primarily as enhanced agility and speed.  These powers may be used only in times of danger or when injustice must be fought, and they are balanced by Hawk's more aggressive tendencies.



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Images courtesy of Toon Zone and The Bruce Timm Gallery.

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