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Real Name:  Edward Lytener

Voiced by ???

A scientist at LexCorp who was infatuated with Lois Lane , Edward Lytener provided her with evidence regarding the dangerous practices of his company for an investigative article, which resulted in her receiving a journalism award and himself being fired.  When she did not return his interest, he set out on a campaign to murder her, which was thwarted by Superman.  Later, he adopted the supervillain identity of Luminus to use his scientific genius and his array of light-based and solar-based weapons to gain revenge against Superman.



A supporting villain from the Superman series, Luminus' return provided a satisfying cameo in Only a Dream, where he used his light-based powers to beat up The Flash and provide an early indication of Hawkgirl’s fear of confined spaces.  However, unlike in the Superman episode Solar Power, the Man of Steel was able to use his enhanced vision to ferret out the real Luminus from the holographic phonies, which largely reduced his menace from being able to nearly kill Superman to providing the Justice League with their own version of Multiple Man (from Marvel Comics’ X-Men titles) to kick around.

It is unknown whether or not Luminus will make another appearance on Justice League, but it is possible, considering that his scientific proficiency would easily provide another threat for them to face.  However, until then, he’ll just be another flash on the League’s radar.


Images courtesy of New Batman/Superman Adventures Homepage and The World’s Finest.

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