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No longer aired on Cartoon Network, reruns of Justice League can be seen on Cartoon Network's sister network Boomerang, along with repeats of Batman and Superman.  All times listed are Eastern and Pacific.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Justice League Season Two Available on DVD!

11:00pm - "The Brave and the Bold, Part 1" (JL)

11:30pm - "Apokolips...Now!, Part 2" (STAS)

12:00am - "The Cat and the Claw, Part 2" (BTAS)


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

11:00pm - "The Brave and the Bold, Part 2" (JL)

11:30pm - "Blasts from the Past, Part 1" (STAS)

12:00am - "You Scratch My Back" (BTAS)


Thursday, June 22, 2006

11:00pm - "Fury, Part 1" (JL)

11:30pm - "Blasts from the Past, Part 2" (STAS)

12:00am - "Joker's Millions" (TNBA)


Friday, June 23, 2006

11:00pm - "Fury, Part 2" (JL)

11:30pm - "Brave New Metropolis" (STAS)

12:00am - "Over the Edge" (TNBA)


Saturday, June 24, 2006

6:00am - "The Last Son of Krypton" (STAS)

7:00am - "Stolen Memories" (STAS)

7:20am - "Ghost in the Machine" (STAS)

7:40am - "Blasts from the Past" (STAS)

8:20am - "Mxyzpixlated" (STAS)

8:40am - "Identity Crisis" (STAS)

9:00am - "Bizarro's World" (STAS)

9:20am - "Hand of Fate" (STAS)

9:40am - "The Main Man" (STAS)

10:20am - "Brave New Metropolis" (STAS)

10:40am - "Speed Demons" (STAS)

11:00am - "Father's Day" (STAS)

11:20am - "Apokolips...Now!" (STAS)

12:00am - "Little Girl Lost" (STAS)

12:40am - "World's Finest" (STAS)

1:40pm - "Twilight" (JL)

2:25pm - "A Better World" (JL)

3:10pm - "New Kids in Town" (STAS)

3:30pm - "Knight Time" (STAS)

3:50pm - "Little Big Head Man" (STAS)

4:10pm - "Unity" (STAS)

4:30pm - "A Fish Story" (STAS)

4:50pm - "Warrior Queen" (STAS)

5:10pm - "The Prometheon" (STAS)

5:30pm - "Prototype" (STAS)

5:50pm - "The Late Mr. Kent" (STAS)

6:10pm - "Heavy Metal" (STAS)

6:30pm - "Where There's Smoke" (STAS)

6:50pm - "Legacy" (STAS)

7:30pm - "Absolute Power" (STAS)

7:50pm - "Obsession" (STAS)

8:10pm - "The Demon Reborn" (STAS)

8:30pm - "In Brightest Day" (STAS)

8:50pm - "Superman's Pal" (STAS)

9:10pm - "Hereafter" (JL)

10:00pm - "The Call" (BB)

10:40pm - "The Last Son of Krypton" (STAS)

11:40pm - "Livewire" (STAS)

12:00am - "A Little Piece of Home" (STAS)

12:20am - "The Way of All Flesh" (STAS)

12:40am - "Feeding Time" (STAS)

1:00am - "My Girl" (STAS)

1:20am - "Tools of the Trade" (STAS)

1:40am - "Two's a Crowd" (STAS)

2:00am - "Action Figures" (STAS)

2:20am - "Target" (STAS)

2:40am - "Double Dose" (STAS)

3:00am - "Solar Power" (STAS)

3:20am - "Monkey Fun" (STAS)

3:40am - "Stolen Memories" (STAS)

4:00am - "Ghost in the Machine" (STAS)

4:20am - "Blasts from the Past" (STAS)

5:00am - "Mxyzpixlated" (STAS)

5:20am - "Identity Crisis" (STAS)

5:40am - "Bizarro's World" (STAS)


Sunday, June 25, 2006

2:00pm - "Mxyzpixlated" (STAS)

2:30pm - "Speed Demons" (STAS)

3:00pm - "Double Dose" (STAS)

3:30pm - "Brave New Metropolis" (STAS) / "Solar Power" (STAS)

11:00pm - "Legends, Part 1" (JL)

11:30pm - "The Demon Reborn" (STAS)

12:00am - "Mad Love" (TNBA)


Monday, June 26, 2006

11:00pm - "Legends, Part 2" (JL)

11:30pm - "Father's Day" (STAS)

12:00am - "Legends of the Dark Knight" (TNBA)


Image courtesy of Cinescape; schedule courtesy of Cartoon Network.

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