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One of the limitations of designing this website has always been trying to cram in every piece of commentary that I can offer.  Every observation, every nitpick, every homageóbut, sadly, not every item deserves its own page.  After all, how much can really be said about Mophir from "Eclipsed?"  Should every homage to Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four receive a page?  And how much web space should I devote to the Wonder Twins?

Thus, I present the Trophy Room.  Named after the museum of artifacts collected by the Justice League on their various missions, this is a space for the observations that have no space elsewhere.  Here you will find mini-bios dedicated to the guest stars, the cameos, and the bit characters who don't deserve the same full biography treatment of a Batman or even a Kanjar Ro.  Here you will also find a guide to the in-jokes, the tributes, and some "who's who" breakdowns of the large crowd scenes.  Want to know the significance of the Irish cop in "Legends?"  You'll find it here.  Want to find out information about that guy you kind of remember in one or two of the Superman episodes?  You'll find that here as well.  Want to know why that giant monster in "Twilight" was able to snap Wonder Woman's lasso?  Well...uh, let me know if you figure it out.

Now, this isn't comprehensive by any means; my geek level is only so high.  Thus, if you see any missing material please email me; I'd be happy to give you credit for your discovery, provided that it is worthy of this archive.

The tour begins here.  Now, step lively, and make sure not to touch the Key's Key Gun, the red kryptonite sample, or the bootlegged copy of the 1997 Justice League of America pilot.  That's locked up for a reason, people.


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