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Real Name:  Unknown

Voiced by Karen Maruyama

A mysterious assassin, Tsukuri aided Aresia in her quest to purge the planet of the male gender.  Trained various martial arts, her specialty is the katana blade, which she wields with deadly accuracy.



Tsukuri cToon Image | Tsukuri Image



In Judo, Tsukuri ďis a term used to denote the moment and position that exists when you have broken your opponentís balance so that it is easy to apply a throwing technique, while at the same time you have positioned yourself in the proper position to throw (courtesy of the International Judo Federation:  the History of Judo).Ē  It seems to be a fitting name for this female ninja.

Iíve been informed that this character is, in fact, an original character created for Justice League, and Iím inclined to believe it until I hear otherwise.


Images courtesy of Warner Bros. Online UK, Bat13 from DCU Animated, Cartoon Network, and Toon Zone.

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