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As was the case with the new, expanded Justice League, Grodd's supervillain organization (affectionately referred to as the Legion of Doom, after the supervillain team from Challenge of the Superfriends) contains a horde of bad guys, both old and new.  Throughout Season Five, its roster shifted, as members appeared, disappeared, and / or died as the storyline progressed, so there is a large number of characters that need to be identified, as many of these villains are even more obscure than the heroes used for the League.

As was the case last time, I'm doing a cold read on these characters, and my write-ups are created using both the material presented from the show and from their histories in the comic books.  This page is merely to introduce these new Legion members to non-comics (and ignorant comics) fans.  Also, keep in mind that, although the creative team has said in interviews that every villain that has appeared previously in the DCAU is a member of the team, this guide only includes the characters that have been actually seen at Grodd's headquarters.  Now, I call this meeting of the Legion of Doom to order...


Real Name:  Angle Man / Angelo Bend

Voiced by ???

A career criminal, Angelo Bend was relatively unsuccessful until he came into possession of the Angler, a triangular device of unknown composition that allows him to distort spatial relationships.  Now able to shift through dimensions, travel through time, and generate force fields (among other things), this non-Euclidian rogue now enjoys greater success as the Angle Man.


Real Name:  Atomic Skull / Joseph Martin

Voiced by Lex Lang

His mutant powers triggered during an alien invasion, film student Joe Martin found himself with superhuman strength, endurance, and the ability to fire energy bolts from his hands.  Unfortunately, these gifts came with a price, as the skin of his face became transparent and became a fount of radioactive energy.  Suffering from brain damage following the incident, Martin came to identify himself as the Atomic Skull, an old movie serial hero—an association that put him in direct opposition with Superman, whom he now believes to be the Skull's arch-nemesis Dr. Electron.

Not truly a supervillain, the misguided Martin nonetheless often finds himself allied with other criminals, either fighting in the cage at Meta-Brawl or within the ranks of the Legion of Doom.


Real Name:  Bizarro

Voiced by Tim Daly (STAS) and George Newburn (JLU)

Bio coming soon!


Real Name:  Black Mass / Geoffrey Thibodeaux

Voiced by ---

Initially a slight physicist, Geoffrey Thibodeaux was granted a bulkier physique and wristbands that can manipulate gravity by the omnipotent alien being known as the Overmaster.  Coerced into joining the Cadre as the powerhouse Black Mass, the Overmaster pitted his team against the Justice League in a contest designed to prove whether or not the human race deserved to survive.  The Justice League succeeded in defeating the Overmaster, but the Cadre opted to stay together and turn to a life of crime.


Real Name:  Blockbuster / Mark Desmond

Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

A physically frail chemist, Mark Desmond always yearned to be big and strong, and dedicated his studies to finding a way to enhance his body through science.  After untold hours of research, Desmond developed a serum that would stimulate his endocrine glands but, in his eagerness to try it on himself, he didn't adequately test it first.  In the end, his experiment was successful—granting him immense levels of strength—but it retarded his intelligence, reducing it to childlike levels.

Discovered by his criminal brother Roland, his sibling manipulated Mark into committing a series of robberies, which set him against both Batman and the Justice League.  His brother presumably imprisoned for his part in the crimes, Desmond was sent to S.T.A.R. Labs for treatment, but he inevitably fell under the sway of Grodd, who recruited him for his criminal enterprise.


Real Name:  Bloodsport / Robert DuBois

Voiced by ---

Ravaged with guilt over the disfigurement of his brother, who served in active duty during wartime in his brother's place, Robert DuBois suffered a nervous breakdown, which led to an obsession with war and the irrational belief that he did indeed serve with his brother.  Hired by Lex Luthor as a pawn in his war against Superman, he was outfitted with an arsenal of powerful weapons, including a gun that fired kryptonite bullets and a teleportation system that could rotate his arsenal.  Believing that U.S. citizens were wasting the freedoms that he and his brother fought to defend, DuBois—now calling himself Bloodsport—went on a rampage in Metropolis, which went on until he was confronted by Superman and his brother, who managed to talk DuBois down.

Still prone to criminal activities, Bloodsport currently participates in the illegal cage-fighting of Meta-Brawl, as well as Grodd's co-op super-criminal organization, the Legion of Doom.


Real Name:  The Blue Lama / Unknown

Voiced by ---

An adversary of Sargon the Sorcerer, this cerulean-hued enchantress has also proven to be a thorn in the side of many adversaries.


Real Name:  Cheetah / Barbara Ann Minerva

Voiced by Sheryl Lee Ralph

For more information, see the Cheetah entry.


Real Name:  Copperhead / Unknown

Voiced by José Yenque

For more information, see the Copperhead entry.


Real Name:  Crowbar / Malcolm Tandy

Voiced by ---

A member of a Detroit gang known for using a crowbar in his activities, the Overmaster infused his weapon of choice with incredible energies and recruited the newly-dubbed Crowbar for his supervillain team the Cadre.  Following a disastrous confrontation with the Justice League, Tandy decided to remain with his teammates and attempted to seek his fortune in the criminal underworld.


Real Name:  Devil Ray / Unknown

Voiced by Michael Beach

Bio coming soon!


Real Name:  Dr. Cyber / Dr. Cylvia Anita Cyber

Voiced by ---

Originally a woman of stunning beauty, Dr. Cylvia Cyber found herself hideously disfigured in China during a confrontation with Wonder Woman when a dying Tong gunman hurled a brazier of hot coals into her face.  Vowing vengeance against the Amazing Amazon, Dr. Cyber has now dedicated her genius and her network of secret criminal operatives to bringing about her destruction...although a covetous Cyber would prefer to use her genius to transplant her brain into her opponent's flawless body.


Real Name:  Dr. Destiny / John Dee

Voiced by William Atherton

For more information, see the Dr. Destiny entry.


Real Name:  Dr. Polaris / Dr. Neal Emerson

Voiced by Michael Rosenbaum

A physician studying ways of healing patients using magnetism, Dr. Neal Emerson unfortunately developed a split personality due to his continued experiments with magnetic polarity.  This secondary personality, which manifests itself as the villainous Dr. Polaris, periodically gains dominance over Emerson's mind, leading to him using his apparently-latent magnetic powers to engage in criminal activity.  These frequent crime waves inevitably result in encounters with Green Lantern and the Justice League, who must find a way to stop the one without seriously harming the other.


Real Name:  Dr. Spectro / Tom Emery

Voiced by ---

A frequent opponent of Captain Atom, Dr. Spectro utilizes a prism generator capable of producing holograms, as well as colorful beams of light that can cause hallucinations.  Emery gained access to these technologies as a lab assistant to Dr. Bivolo, whose equipment also started the criminal career of his son, the Rainbow Raider.


Real Name:  Dummy / Unknown

Voiced by ---

A criminal mastermind who physically resembles a ventriloquist's dummy, the Dummy often finds himself at odds with the superhero Vigilante.


Real Name:  The Electrocutioner / Buchinsky

Voiced by ---

A bloodthirsty vigilante, the Electrocutioner first made his mark in Gotham City, where he hunted down criminals who had escaped justice due to technicalities in the law.  It would appear, however, that he himself has turned to crime in recent years, as evidenced by his presence in Grodd's Legion of Doom.


Real Name:  Evil Star / Guy Pompton

Voiced by ???

A crimelord and owner of the Ace Movie Rental Agency, Guy Pompton donned the costume of Evil Star in an attempt to prevent Stellar Studios from completing a film using a script that would have exposed his criminal activities.  Brought to justice by the superhero community, Pompton decided to continue a life of costumed crime.

Though he initially possessed no superhuman powers, it would appear that he has acquired flight and a sort of energy-manipulation powers (via his wrist-mounted starbands) through his association with the Legion of Doom.


Real Name:  Fastball / Malone

Voiced by ---

A former baseball player, Malone soon found himself equipped by the Overmaster with an exo-suit designed to enhance his pitching ability, which allowed him to throw baseball-like explosive spheres with even deadlier accuracy.  Recruited for the villainous superteam the Cadre under the name Fastball, Malone struck out against the Justice League, who defeated him along with his team and alien benefactor, but went on to set better records as a professional supervillain.


Real Name:  The Gentleman Ghost / James "Gentleman Jim" Craddock

Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes

A notorious English highwayman operating in the mid-1800s, "Gentleman Jim" Craddock allegedly vowed moments before his execution that he would live forever and come back to loot the treasures of those who had condemned him.  Amused by he utterance, his executioners carried out his sentence, and the snap of his neck and the howl of the mob were the last thing he could recall...until he regained consciousness in modern-day London as a bodiless phantom.

Now possessing a variety of spectral talentssuch as levitation and the ability to become intangible and non-corporeal—Craddock rechristened himself the Gentleman Ghost and picked up in his criminal career where he left off centuries before.  In recent years he has crossed the paths of Batman, Hawkman, and Green Lantern, but he is more often than not successful in his endeavors, as it is incredibly difficult to stop and imprison a ghost.


Real Name:  Giganta

Voiced by Jennifer Hale

Bio coming soon!


Real Name:  Goldface / Keith Kenyon

Voiced by ???

A scientist operating off a Hawaiian island, Keith Canyon's criminal career started when he discovered a sunken chest of gold whose molecular structure had been altered by chemical waste.  Upon further study, he discovered that this gold granted him enhanced strength, golden skin, and the ability to temporarily transform anything he touched to solid gold.  Interested in continuing his research into altering the properties of gold, the man with the Midas touch turned to crime to fund his experiments, which led him into direct conflict with the Justice League.


Real Name:  Grodd

Voiced by Powers Boothe

For more information, see the Grodd entry.


Real Name:  Heat Wave / Mick Rory

Voiced by Lex Lang

As a child, Mick Rory recognized at an early age that he suffered from cryophobia (fear of cold) and pyromania (love of fire), a dual obsession that indirectly led to the death of his family when he burned down their home as a child.  Sent to live with his uncle, his condition worsened, and he was constantly teased for wearing winter clothes all year.  This cruelty continued until one day when, during a tour of a local meatpacking plant, a classmate locked him in an industrial freezer.  Trapped inside for almost an hour until he could free himself, Rory paid him back by trapping the boy's family in their house that night and setting it ablaze.

Not wanting to hurt anyone else, Rory ran away and joined a traveling circus, where he worked into adulthood doing odd jobs and, eventually, as a professional fire eater.  However, his demons eventually returned, and one night he torched the circus.  Ashamed by his actions, Rory looked for a way—any way—that he could control his passions.  In the end he found one—after watching reports on the Rogues of Central City.  Intrigued by what he saw, Rory designed himself a costume and a handheld heat-gun, and joined the Central City criminal scene as Heat Wave, where he fit right in...aside for his ongoing rivalry with Captain Cold.

Over the years Rory has made frequent attempts to go straight, but has failed each time, as he sees his Heat Wave persona as a way of controlling the fire, instead of allowing it to control him.  His mental illness aside, his expertise in fire and thermodynamics have made him a valuable ally, as evidenced by his presence in the Legion of Doom.


Real Name:  Hellgrammite / Unknown

Voiced by ---

Alleged to be missing entomologist Robert Dobson, the individual who would become known as the Hellgrammite created weapons designed to mimic the powers of various insects.  Using this equipment to start a crime wave, the insect-themed villain eventually crossed paths with superheroes such as Batman and the Creeper, who periodically fought against the villain and brought him to justice.  However, after several years of activity, it would appear that he has actually become a humanoid insect through unknown means.  Now possessing incredible strength, an armor-hard exoskeleton, and a variety of other inherent abilities, the Hellgrammite continues his life of crime, proving as hardy and flexible as his namesake.


Real Name:  The Javelin / Unknown

Voiced by ---

A former Olympic athlete, the German-born Javelin is a minor rogue in the Legion of Doom's ranks, utilizing a javelin-based weapons arsenal in his career as a criminal-for-hire.


Real Name:  The Key / Unknown

Voiced by Corey Burton

For more information, see The Key entry.


Real Name:  KGBeast / Anatoli Knyazev

Voiced by ---

A former assassin for the former Soviet Union's KGB, Anatoli Knyazev eventually went rogue, and traveled to America to pursue a life of crime.  Following a conflict with Batman in which the KGBeast found himself trapped by one of the Dark Knight's weapons, Knyazev chose to sever his own arm rather than face capture.  Outfitting his stump with a machine gun, the KGBeast continues to operate as a supervillain, most recently as a member of Grodd's Legion of Doom.


Real Name:  Killer Frost / Dr. Crystal Frost

Voiced by Jennifer Hale

An accident inside an experimental thermofrost chamber transformed physicist Crystal Frost into a frozen being capable of projecting waves of intense cold.  Her transformation also altered her body chemistry, forcing her to absorb heat from outside sources to survive, including the warmth from human bodies.  Fortunately for her, she learned that she rather liked killing others, leading the cryonic killer to adopt the criminal identity of Killer Frost.


Real Name:  Lady Lunar / Stacy Macklin

Voiced by ---

An astronaut in the NASA space program, Stacy Macklin was transformed into a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality when, one night, she was struck by the moonlight that reflected off of a space capsule—one that had been altered during a mission where it had passed through the tail of a strange cometwhich bathed her in the strange radiations from the comet.  Now possessing gravitational and hypnotic abilities, Stacy Macklin periodically transforms into Lady Lunar to embark on criminal activities.  This villain is a particular threat to Superman, as the comet's energies also infused her with kryptonite radiation.


Real Name:  Lex Luthor

Voiced by Clancy Brown

For more information, see the Lex Luthor entry.


Real Name:  Livewire / Leslie Willis

Voiced by Lori Petty (STAS) and Maria Canals (JL)

Bio coming soon!


Real Name:  Major Disaster / Paul Booker

Voiced by ---

Originally little more than a petty crook, Paul Booker hired a group of criminal scientists to create devices that would enable him to cause natural disasters.  Using his newfound might, the newly-dubbed Major Disaster took on both Green Lantern and the Flash, but in the end he lost the battle, and appeared to be destroyed in an explosion of his own creation.  However, one of his devices recreated his body and, over time, it began to internalize the abilities of his machines.

Now able to cause floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes with but a thought, Major Disaster now uses these abilities either solo or in the Legion of Doom.


Real Name:  Merlyn / Unknown

Voiced by ---

Originally a member of the League of Assassins, the dark archer known only as Merlyn now operates as a freelance killer.  Deadly accurate with a bow and arrow, this mercenary is second only to Green Arrow in terms of accuracy and skill.


Real Name:  Metallo / John Corbin

Voiced by Malcolm McDowell (STAS, JLU) and Corey Burton (JL)

Bio coming soon!


Real Name:  Mirror Master / Sam Scudder

Voiced by Alexis Denisof

While serving a prison sentence, criminal Sam Scudder was working in the prison machine shop when he accidentally discovered a means of creating mirrors that possessed unique properties, such as the ability to create holograms or to capture and retain images.  Using these mirrors to escape, Scudder continued to experiment and refine his discovery, eventually using these new mirrors to embark on a career as a costumed criminal.  Operating under the identity of the Mirror Master, Scudder and his fantastic mirror creations have made him one of the most prominent of the Flash's famed Rogues Gallery.


Real Name:  The Monocle / Jonathan Cheval

Voiced by ---

The owner of an optical shop that had been in his family for three generations, Jonathan Cheval had, over the years, learned how to create unusual lenses that could focus and project various types of radiation.  Content to tinker, he turned to crime when the crooked bankers who owned Cheval's mortgage foreclosed illegally on the property, using the money to pay off their debts.  Seeking revenge, Cheval used his special lenses to kill five of the six members of the board, but an intervention by Hawkman prevented him from killing the sixth.  Cheval went to jail, but later began a life of crime under the identity of the Monocle.


Real Name:  Neutron / Nathaniel Tryon

Voiced by ---

Hired by Lex Luthor to wreck a nuclear reactor, Nathaniel Tryon—along with his teammates in a group called the TNT Trio—found himself nearly crushed when a section of lead shielding fell on top of him.  Superman arrived on the scene soon after to prevent a meltdown and to arrest the criminals involved, but he missed Tryon, who was invisible to Superman's enhanced vision.  Eventually freeing himself, Tryon managed to get himself to one of Luthor's hideouts, where it was discovered that he was suffering from advanced radiation poisoning.  Seeing potential in his henchman, however, Luthor performed a series of experiments on Tryon that, over time, transformed him into a sentient field of nuclear energy.  Now forced to wear a special containment suit to prevent his body from dissipating, Tryon took the identity of Neutron and today uses his atomic powers to gain revenge against the Man of Steel for leaving him to die.


Real Name:  Parasite / Rudy Jones

Voiced by Brion James (STAS) and Brian George (JL)

Bio coming soon!


Real Name:  Psycho-Pirate / Roger Hayden

Voiced by ---

During a stay in prison, Roger Hayden shared a cell with a man named Charley Halstead—the original Psycho-Piratewho told him stories of the Medusa Masks, a collection of artifacts he had hidden; artifacts that could project a specific emotion into whomever the wearer wishes.  Halstead died soon after and, after Hayden's release, he uncovered the enchanted masks, and melted them down into a single mask—one with all the powers of the separate pieces.  Now capable of bringing out any number of emotions in his opponents, Hayden became the new Psycho-Pirate and embarked on a life of crime.


Real Name:  The Puppeteer / Jordan Weir

Voiced by ---

The inventor of a hypno-ray that could compel victims to obey his commands (just so long as the commands are not contrary to their respective natures), Jordan Weir adopted the identity of the Puppeteer and began hypnotizing other criminals to do his bidding.  A frequent opponent of Green Lantern, Weir has made several attempts to bend him to his will, but each time has met with failure.


Real Name:  The Puzzler / Unknown

Voiced by ---

Wearing a costume that resembles a giant jigsaw puzzle, this expert in in games and brainteasers serves the Legion of Doom as the Puzzler.


Real Name:  Queen Bee / Zazzala, Queen of Korll

Voiced by ---

Ruler of the planet Korll, Queen Zazzala is the principal consciousness of her people's hive mind, allowing her to direct them with only her will.  A shrewd negotiator, the Queen Bee serves in Grodd's Legion of Doom in exchange for a percentage of the Earth's population, which she plans to use as drones to labor in her hypno-pollen factories and in her Royal Egg-Matrix.  Capable of taking control of the Justice League with her pollen, she can easily coat her opponent's minds with her mental honey, but the real threat comes from the Swarmher armada of drone shipswhich can overrun the planet Earth with but a thought.


Real Name:  Rampage / Karen Lou "Kitty" Faulkner

Voiced by Susan Eisenberg

A research scientist who developed the bio-energy actualizer—a device that can generate clean energyKitty Faulkner found herself transformed into a rampaging brute when an accident caused her machine to explode, bathing her body's cells with the energy from the blast.  Now capable of absorbing solar energy the same way that Superman does, Faulkner periodically finds herself transformed into the destructive creature Rampage, forcing the hand of the Justice League, who must find a way to stop her and change her back.


Real Name:  The Shark / Inapplicable

Voiced by ---

Originally a normal tiger shark, an alien race known as the Kroloteans accelerated its evolution by millions of years, evolving the shark into a mutant humanoid.  Now possessing enhanced sensory organs, they allowed the shark the psychic ability to trigger fear in its prey, as well as some various psionic powers.  However, despite its newfound intelligence, its primal instincts still held their sway, and the shark is still driven to hunt and feed upon prey, though it now mentally feeds upon the fearful psyches of its victims just as it used to feed physically upon their flesh.

Intending to sell their experiment as a weapon for an intergalactic war, the shark escaped and now roams both the oceans and the surface, looking for sustenance.  It is particularly drawn to the fearless Green Lantern, as it hopes to someday make him experience fear before it devours his mind.


Real Name:  The Shade / Richard Swift

Voiced by Stephen McHattie

For more information, see The Shade entry.


Real Name:  Shatterfist / Unknown

Voiced by ---

An unnamed criminal operating in the Pacific region, the Overmaster granted the already-prodigious martial artist energy-charged hands, which he used as a member of the Cadre.  Taking the name Shatterfist, he has continued in his life of crime, taking on the Justice League as well as any challengers in the ring at Meta-Brawl.


Real Name:  Silver Banshee / Siobhan McDougal

Voiced by Kim Mai Guest

The first-born child of Garret McDougal, the leader of an ancient Gaelic clan, she was denied her right to assume leadership following her father's death by her uncle Seamus, who did not want a woman leading their clan, wishing instead for her brother Bevan to become the new patriarch.  Angered by her uncle's presumptuousness, she traveled to Castle Broen and attempted to undergo the traditional leadership ritual by herselfa ceremony that involves calling forth supernatural forcesbut her brother interfered at a critical juncture, and she was dragged into the netherworld by its daemonic citizens.

Trapped in the hellish dimension, McDougal made a bargain with an entity called the Crone, in which the she would be allowed to return to Earth and gain vengeance against her uncle and brother, but only after she retrieved for the witch an occult book that previously belonged to her father.  Agreeing to his pact, the Crone transformed McDougal into the spectral Silver Banshee.  Upon her return, she discovered that the tome in question was shipped to the United States for sale, leading McDougal to Metropolis, where she confronted Superman and other members of the Justice League.

Possessing enhanced strength and teleportation abilities, the Silver Banshee's main weapon is her voice, as her sonic wail can kill any who hear it, leaving her victims as little more than dried husks.  Still searching for her father's book, the Silver Banshee will not rest until her uncle and brother are dead, and is more than willing to kill any who get in her way.


Real Name:  Sinestro

Voiced by Ted Levine

During his tenure as the Green Lantern of Korugar, Sinestro was praised by the Guardians for his maintenance of Sector 1417, a region of space considered to be the most orderly in the galaxy.  Unfortunately, it was later revealed to them that he sustained that order by imposing absolute tyranny over his district and its people.  Convicted of misusing his powers, Sinestro was stripped of his power ring and banished to Qward, Oa’s counterpart in an anti-matter universe.

Believing that the Guardians had succumbed to weakness, Sinestro desired revenge against them and their army of Green Lanterns.  He befriended the Weaponers of Qward—sworn enemies of the Guardians—and, seeing his potential as an ally, they created for him a yellow power ring capable of mimicking the abilities of a Green Lantern's ring.  However, unlike his former emerald ring, Sinestro's ring was powered not by willpower, but by fear itself.  Returning to our universe, Sinestro now seeks to destroy the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians using the terrible power of his jaundiced light.


Real Name:  Sonar / Bito Wladon

Voiced by Corey Burton

A citizen of the tiny Eastern European nation of Modora, Bito Wladon was shunned by his superstitious countrymen because he was born to deaf parents.  Resentful of his people's backwards ways and of their ruler Fando the Mad, who cut off his nation from the outside world and forced them to remain in ignorance, Wladon plotted to overthrow the tyrant and assume leadership of his beloved nation.  Using a collection of contraband books he discovered and an apprenticeship to a local clockmaker, Wladon taught himself about the advanced machines forbidden by Fando, and eventually became an expert in sonic technology.  Realizing that his nation was too poor and too isolated for him to get the tools he needed to adequately plan his coup-d'état, he traveled to America to steal what he needed.

Outfitted with a tuning-fork gun capable of emitting supersonic vibrations, Wladon was dubbed Sonar, the Sultan of Sound by the American press; by which he succeeded in his first goal:  to put his beloved homeland on the map and to draw attention to its plight.  His second goal, the theft of the equipment he needed, was more difficult to pull off, as his robberies drew the attention of Green Lantern and the Justice League.  Now a member of Grodd's Legion of Doom, Sonar continues his activities for the glory of his homeland, even though his homeland sees him as something of an embarrassment.


Real Name:  Sportsmaster / "Crusher" Crock

Voiced by ---

Barred from professional sports for crippling another player in a football game, "Crusher" Crock turned to crime, and now uses his inherent athletic ability and collection of sports-related weapons to make his mark as the Sportsmaster.


Real Name:  Star Sapphire / Unknown

Voiced by Olivia D'Abo

For more information, see the Star Sapphire entry.


Real Name:  Tala

Voiced by Juliet Landau

Bio coming soon!


Real Name:  The Tattooed Man / Abel Tarrant

Voiced by ---

A former seaman-turned burglar, Abel Tarrant accidentally exposed himself to a concoction of mysterious chemicals during a botched robbery.  Upon discovering that the chemicals responded to his thoughts, allowing him to create any objects that the chemicals were shaped into, Tarrant used the chemicals as ink to create a series of tattoos across his body.  Now capable of creating whatever weapons or creatures with but a touch to a specific tattoo, Tarrant resumed his criminal career as the Tattooed Man.


Real Name:  The Thinker / Clifford DeVoe

Voiced by ---

An embittered former attorney, Clifford DeVoe turned to crime when he realized crime can, in fact, pay.  Recognizing that most criminals had skill, but not the brains to plan their crimes, DeVoe set himself up in a career as a fixer, planning flawless criminal acts for the highest bidder.  Later, DeVoe augmented his acumen with the "Thinking Cap," a device that, when worn, raises his intellect to genius levels, as well as allowing him various psionic powers, such as telekinesis, mind control, and projected hallucinations.  Stolen from its inventor, Professor Hartwell Jackson, DeVoe used it as a basis to develop for himself a costumed identity in the form of the Thinker.

A frequent foe of the Flash, DeVoe also serves Grodd as a member of the Legion of Doom, presumably as a planner and consultant.


Real Name:  The Top / Roscoe Dillon

Voiced by ---

Fascinated by tops in his youth, Roscoe Dillon decided in his later life to incorporate that love into his criminal career.  Capable of spinning at great speeds, the Top operates as another of Central City's famed Rogues, and is a constant thorn in the side of the Flash.


Real Name:  Toyman / Schott

Voiced by Bud Cort (STAS, JLU) and Corey Burton (JL)

Bio coming soon!


Real Name:  Tsukuri / Unknown

Voiced by Karen Maruyama

For more information, see the Tsukuri entry.


Real Name:  Volcana / Claire Selton

Voiced by Peri Gilpin

For more information, see the Volcana entry.


Real Name:  Weather Wizard / Mark Mardon

Voiced by Miguel Ferrer (STAS) and Corey Burton (JL)

Bio coming soon!


Images courtesy of Toon Zone, The World's Finest, JLAnimated, and Justice League Central.

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