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Summary:  While on a peacekeeping mission in the Middle East, American soldiers discover a temple containing a black diamond known as the Heart of Darkness, as well is its protector, the aged Mophir.  After a quick skirmish, one soldier is beckoned by the diamond to touch it, after which he is possessed by the evil spirits contained within.  Now with a host to control, the spirits in the diamond—the ancient snake-people known as the Ophidians—are free to continue their vendetta against humanity, with even members of the Justice League succumbing to their influence.  In the end it comes down to the Flash, who—alone on the Watchtower and hunted by his friends—must find a way to prevent them from carrying out the Ophidian's agenda:  the destruction of the sun.

JL Roll Call:  Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, J’onn J’onzz, Hawkgirl

Featured Character:  The Flash

Villains:  The Ophidians

Supporting Villains:  Eclipso, G. Gordon Godfrey


Cartoon Network on “Eclipsed”:  “When peace-keeping soldiers in the Middle East unearth an ancient hidden temple, they unwittingly release a vengeful spirit that possesses one of them.  This spirit’s only goal is the total destruction of mankind, and even the Justice League is powerless to resist it (courtesy of Cartoon Network).”

Bruce Timm on “Eclipsed”:  “There is definitely some really broad comedy in that episode and, at the same time, there’s also some real kind of creepy stuff, especially in Part Two when the Justice League gets possessed.  It’s one of those shows that abruptly switches tone, goes from being a fairly broad comedy to fairly scary action adventure stuff.  My bottom line is that I’m fine with doing a comedy episode, as long as it’s genuinely funny and I think this one is (courtesy of RetroVision CD-ROM Magazine).”

Bruce Timm on parallels to current events:  "The real-world element in 'Eclipsed'—the hunt for the Bin Laden-like guy—is basically window-dressing, an attempt to add verisimilitude to something that is, at its core, a pretty far-fetched fantasy romp; nothing remotely political about it, at all (courtesy of The World's Finest)."

DarkLantern on Green Lantern in “Eclipsed”:  “Green Lantern’s ring beam has the properties of light—including its speed.  Since Green Lantern can fire a beam that can travel at the speed of light, it can keep up with Flash with no problem (the [nitpick] is, if the beam itself can travel at / up to the speed of light, Green Lantern could’ve pushed the generator on its own without putting Flash at risk).

“I won’t even go into the ring’s ability to generate space warps (wormholes) for Green Lanterns to do their interstellar travel, which means the Justice League doesn’t have to build another generator…and, hey, doesn’t the generator itself need a power source (I suppose Green Lantern’s ring fits that bill)?

“By the way, Green Lantern didn’t necessarily get the device to the sun in a few seconds; that was clever editing.  Even light itself needs a little more than eight minutes to travel from the Earth to the sun (courtesy of Toon Zone).”



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Image courtesy of The World's Finest.

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