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Summary:  Static is skeptical when the press reports that Green Lantern has turned to crime, but must deal with the reality of the situation head-on when he is confronted by the strangely out-of-character John Stewart.  Led to believe that his hero has betrayed him, he is surprised to find that there is more going on than he was led to believe, and that both he and Green Lantern might fall before the might of Sinestro.

JL Roll Call:  Green Lantern

Featured Character:  Static

Villain:  Sinestro


Kids’ WB on Static Shock’s Season Four:  “Action abounds in the fourth season of Static Shock as Static and Gear […] get jolted into a face-off with the Green Lantern (courtesy of [website name removed]).”

Dwayne McDuffie on “Fallen Hero”:  “[‘Fallen Hero’] makes no such claim [that Static is the first black DCAU superhero].  Static wants a black hero back home he ‘can look up to.’  He never says there are no other black heroes, although he implies that there are none with the stature that Anansi has in Ghana.  Considering that the ignorant writer of that episode was also writing Justice League episodes with the John Stewart Green Lantern at the time, he was probably aware of at least one other black superhero.  The comment was meta-textual, about the general lack of black heroes in leading roles on TV, DCAU continuity aside (courtesy of Toon Zone).”

Stan Berkowitz on “Fallen Hero”:  “Crossover stories are not terribly difficult; the main thing the writer has to do is to remember not to punk out the hero on his own show—even if the guest is a lot more powerful.  [For example], when Sinestro appeared recently, he had a ring that could destroy whole planets, [so] Static’s power (and cleverness) had to be upped accordingly (courtesy of [website name removed]).”

Dwayne McDuffie on Static’s battle prowess, as of “Fallen Hero”:  “Static can’t beat Green Lantern, at least not yet.  He’s too young and he’s still learning to use his powers; maybe in a few years.  Also, he can’t absorb Lantern energy, only electricity (courtesy of Toon Zone).”



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Image courtesy of The World’s Finest.

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