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A thought occurred the other day:  while my site had the major trappings of other sites of its kind—content (duh!), a blog, an updates page, and a schedule page—one of the things that I've constantly overlooked adding is a links page.  I've put it off for awhile, but then it started to eat at me.  What if some of my readers wanted to see where I do my Watchtower-related research?  What if some Bruce Timm art enthusiast wanted to search out some of his other, non-DCAU artwork?  And, finally, what if some cyber-stalker wanted to see what my interests are, what music I listen to, and what websites I waste my time at?

For convenience, this links page is broken down into five subsections:  Official Sites, relating to Justice League and its parent companies; News Sites, both entertainment and non-entertainment related (man cannot live on cartoons alone!); Justice League Fan Sites, where my worthy contemporaries are given props; Bruce Timm Gallery Sites, where you can find quality scans of Bruce Timm's artwork (some of which has naked ladies, so if you're underage or easily offended be careful!); Comic Book Sites, where you can find materials pertaining to the comic book backgrounds of our Justice League heroes and villains; and Miscellaneous Sites, which some of you might find interesting but is, essentially, a way to have a links page that I can access from any computer.

None of these links are pornographic, but some may contain questionable material depending on your age, political leanings, and / or comfort levels.  I am not responsible for any content found on these links, but I'll try to give a heads up if content includes nudity and language.  Of course, that will only goad younger readers on, so I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't.  Just use your better judgment—if you've been a visitor of this site I trust you enough to police yourself!


Official Sites

Cartoon Network

Home of the official, North American Justice League home page.


DC Comics

The official website for DC Comics.


The New Batman / Superman Adventures

This website is all that remains of Batman and Superman's time on Kids' WB!  Now largely abandoned, it still features character bios and model designs that have been cannibalized by fan sites the Internet over.


Warner Bros. Justice League Homepage (U.K.)

A really nice flash-animation site, the U.K.'s Justice League homepage offers similar content to its North American counterpart, but some additional artwork.


News Sites

Ain't It Cool News

One of the Internet's premiere entertainment news sites.  If Hollywood's buzzing about it, Harry Knowles has already heard it and reported it.


BBC News

Arguably the leader in world news.  I'd almost guarantee that both J'onn and Batman have bookmarked it.

Another leader in world news; this one with a more obvious American slant.


Comic Book Resources

A great site for news pertaining to comic books and comic book-related media.  Be sure to check out Rich Johnston's Lying in the Gutters and Steven Grant's Permanent Damage (though the language can get rather spicy). - The Pulse

Another great comic book news site; Warren Ellis often contributes columns.


[website name removed]

Though we may have differences in opinion, [website name removed] often gets the first scoop on Justice League news...much to my chagrin.


DVD Talk

A great site to find out about upcoming DVD releases.


Entertainment Weekly

Though only available to subscribers, Entertainment Weekly's website offers an array of entertainment news.  The magazine ain't bad either.

The official website for Justice League Producer / Story Editor Dwayne McDuffie.  Frequently seen on his message boards, he often drops invaluable nuggets of information about the series.


Fanboy Planet

An excellent entertainment news site; check out their episode reviews for Justice League and Justice League Unlimited!

The official website for Paul Dini and his creation, Jingle Belle!

The man responsible for Roger & Me, the Academy Award-winning Bowling for Colombine, and Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore is the rare individual who is either loved or hated...there's no in-between.  Check out his "Must Read" page, where he does a daily round-up of overlooked news stories.

Your place for omni-news; complete with Hotmail!



Another great comic book news site; check out their infrequent "It Came from the Quarter Bin" column.


The New York Times

Just like the newspaper version of The New York Times, but online.


The Onion

An excellent satirical newspaper in the tradition of the Daily Show, Spy Magazine, and Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update.  A little racy at times, but always funny and sometimes they do great stories featuring superheroes.


Pop Culture Shock

Another great comic book news site; they host the Bruce Timm Gallery.


Shiny Shelf

Another great comic book news site; this one with a U.K. slant.


The Smoking Gun

Need dirt on a recent celebrity scandal?  Click here.


Superhero Hype!

Like Ain't It Cool News, but more superhero-based.


Toon Zone

An excellent news source, Toon Zone also features a fabulous message board and one of the best fan communities online.  And they host The Watchtower as well!  Whoo hoo!


TV Shows on DVD

Provides news on upcoming television shows on DVD, and gives board members the chance to vote on which ones they want to see next.


Underground Online

An excellent entertainment news site; they host the equally-excellent X-Entertainment.


The View Askewniverse

The official website for Kevin Smith and his View Askew Productions.  Snoogans!


The Washington Post

One of my local papers in online form.  What a great time to be alive.


Fan Sites

The Animated Batman

Jay "Maxie Zeus" Allman's incredible ode to Batman:  The Animated Series and its follow ups.  Featuring reviews and essays, this website cements Maxie Zeus as one of the DCAU's premiere scholars (World's Finest contributor The Old Maid is the other one; they make me look like a novice).


DC Cartoon Archives

Infrequently updated, but containing a wealth of DCAU model sheets and original art.


DCU Animated

The home of Kryptcom, his original Justice League artwork is frequently a dead ringer for the show's character designs, mimicking Timm's house style to a tee.  Considering the lack of production artwork that's available for Justice League, this is a great place to visit.


Heroic 'Toons!

Another excellent art gallery of DCAU and non-DCAU materials.  Part of the larger Heroic Images website.

A Justice League fan site that's beautiful in design and in content.  Excellent image galleries.


Toon Zone

Okay, they showed up in the News Sites section, but they're a fan site at heart.


TV Tome - Justice League Unlimited

Part of the TV Tome network, they offer excellent episode capsules andsometimesadvanced information concerning upcoming episodes.


Unused Batman Villain Database

A novel idea:  a database featuring Batman villains yet to be reimagined by Bruce Timm and company, with commentary by former series writer Paul Dini.  Somelike Deadshot and Dr. Destiny—have made their debuts, while otherslike Nocturna and the Gentleman's Ghostmay never see the light of day.  Swing by to see what might have been.  An updated version of this site is also hosted at...


The World's Finest

The brainchild of Toon Zone's Jim Harvey, Bird Boy, and The Flash; this site is probably the largest, most comprehensive DCAU fan site on the web.  Check out their episode reviews, their collection of interviews with Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, and their image galleries, which I've been known to contribute to (see here).


Bruce Timm Gallery Sites

Albert Moy's Original Comic Art

The exclusive agent dealing with Bruce Timm's artwork, Albert Moy features an extensive image gallery of Timm's recent pieces.  Worth checking out, either to buy or to browse; just check under "Featured Artists" to find his page (or just go here).


Bill's Original Comic Art Gallery

A fan's showcase of art, this site features four good Bruce Timm pieces.


Black Line Fever

Not as good as Albert Moy's (in terms of Bruce Timm art), this site nonetheless features some Bruce Timm art, for sale or browsing purposes.


The Bruce Timm Gallery

Simply put, this website is the motherload—an extensive collection of Bruce Timm's artwork designed with the fan community in mind.  You can browse for hours and still find something new.


Comic Art Attack Original Art Gallery

Not as good as Albert Moy's (in terms of Bruce Timm art), this site nonetheless features some Bruce Timm art, for sale or browsing purposes.


Jay's Original Comic Art

A fan's showcase of art, this site features several quality Bruce Timm pieces.

Not as good as Albert Moy's (in terms of Bruce Timm art), this site nonetheless features some Bruce Timm art, for sale or browsing purposes.


Comic Book Sites

The Comics Archives

An excellent website featuring information on DC Comics' Golden Age of Superheroes.


DC Cosmic Teams!

A nice fan site that features bios and information on a great many DC comic book characters.


Don Markstein's Toonopedia

Featuring encyclopedia-worthy entries on a variety of comic book and animated characters, the Toonopedia is an excellent place to begin your research on just about any character.


The Flash:  Those Who Ride the Lightning

A fan site dedicated to the Flash and his supporting cast.  Excellent material.


The Green Lantern Corps Web Page

An apparent glutton for punishment, this site features marvelous entries on just about every Green Lantern to ever grace the pages of a DC comic book.  An excellent place to figure out the name of that one Green Lantern from The Return whom you remember vaguely, but just can't seem put your finger on.


The Hembeck Files!

Collecting Fred Hembeck's DC cartoons, this sight also features insights into the characters and comic books in general.


Lobo:  Bastich, Inc.

One of the better Lobo sites available; check out the FAQ, which proved invaluable when I wrote Lobo's entry here at the Watchtower.


The New Gods Library

An excellent resource dedicated to Jack Kirby's Fourth World titles.


The Oracle Files

A site that provides information on the cast of the Batman titles.


The SHAZAM Page!

An excellent site dedicated to the World's Mightest Mortal, this site looks at the entirety of Captain Marvel's career, from the Golden Age of Comics to his recently-cancelled comic book series.


The Superman Homepage

The Internet's premiere Superman fan site, which possesses information on Superman's appearances across all media.


Titans Tower

Dedicated to the Teen Titans, this site features excellent bios on the comic book incarnations of these classic characters.


The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe

Quite possibly the best resource for the DC characters' comic book appearances, this site features bios on virtually everybody, as well as a DC Universe timeline (well, at least the one they're working off of this week).


Wonder Woman

One of apparently only a few sites dedicated to the comic book version of the Amazing Amazon, this site is home to the History of the Wonder Woman costume, a look back at the suit's evolution (it's changed more than you might think).


Action Figure Sites

Action Figure Times

A great, go-to site to find out information pertaining to action figures; be sure to check out Julius Marx's column for information about DC Comics' merchandise.



Simply put, one of the best action figure news sites on the web.  Run, don't walk.


Four Horsemen Studios

The home page for the incredibly talented men behind the recent Masters of the Universe and Mattel's Batman toy lines.  They blur the lines between action figures and modern art.

Our brothers and sisters at-arms, they are as passionate about the Masters of the Universe franchise as we are about Justice League.  Their site features the Internet's best collection of He-Man-related information, including some rare Bruce Timm artwork.


Inanimate Objects!

Picking up where Kenner and Mattel left off (and will probably never return to), the artist known only as Casimir has provided DCAU fans a taste of what might have been with his collection of handmade action figures.  My personal favorites include his repainted Talia and his Dee Dee figures (the latter created by repainting some of the old Danger Girl figures).


Michael's Review of the Week

Action figure critic Michael Crawford's home page; this site features reviews of recent action figures, rating them criteria such as sculpting, paint applications, and accessories.  Not surprisingly, the Justice League figures rarely do as well as the other toy lines.


Palisades Toys

The home page of the toy company that made my childhood dream come true.  Creators of the excellent Muppets toy line, Palisades has recently acquired the rights to Invader Zim, Ren and Stimpy, and various Adult Swim properties.  If only they could do Justice League figures...


Toy News International

Another great site for toy news.


Toy Otter

One of the first sites to break the news of Justice League figures a few years ago, this site also has the distinction of archiving information on the original Kenner Batman and Superman toy lines.  In addition, this site is the only place to get a look at the incomplete Flash prototype, which would have been in the Superman toy line had it continued (see here).


Miscellaneous Sites

Air America Radio

One of my personal favorite haunts, this is the home page for Air America Radio, a radio network that features actual, honest-to-God liberal talk and comment.  Based out of New York, this site allows you to listen to the home station streaming live on the web.  This station provides a counterpoint to neo-conservative institutions such as Fox News; outlets like this are needed now more than ever.


Alex Ross Art

The official website of famed comic book artist Alex Ross, this site provides a place where you can either purchase original art or just look at it.  I had the good fortune to meet Alex Ross once; I think I pissed him off.


The Call of Cthulhu Companion

One of my pet projects outside of the Watchtower, this web page was designed to provide information to my students about H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu, which I'm sick enough to make them read each semester.


Can't Get Enough Futurama

One of the best websites dedicated to the late, lamented television series Futurama.


Cartoon Network International

Ever want to see Cartoon Network's home page in Brazil?  Check here for a link to it, as well as to all the others.


Challenge of the Superfriends

A website dedicated to Justice League's antecedent, Challenge of the Superfriends.  Oddly enough, their character bios are more closely tied to their comic book counterparts than to the Superfriends themselves.


Craig J. Copi's Event Information for the Day

Providing visitors a daily look at the calendar, this site—complete with the day's births, deaths, events, and calendar dates—is an excellent place to put each day into a historical context.


A Dent in the Tori Amos Net Universe

The ultimate fan site of Tori Amos, one of my personal favorite musicians.


The Encyclopedia Mythica

Quite possibly the best place on the information to research mythological, folklore, and legendary figures.  A great place to find out the actual stories behind Wonder Woman's supporting cast.


Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer's House of Fun!

The home page of comic book creators Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer, who wrote several scripts for Superman.  While there, be sure to behold the awesome majesty that is...Milk and Cheese!



If not the greatest search engine on the web, then the most popular.


The H.P. Lovecraft Archive

An excellent resource on the life and works of H.P. Lovecraft.  Take a minute to look at one of Bruce Timm's influences.


HOBER Thinking Radio

Another great online radio site, this one featuring music that you won't find on traditional radio.


Industrious Clock

Need to know what time it is?  This site will tell you with style.


The Internet Movie Database

Featuring information on movies, directors, and actors; this site is the place to go should you ever want to know more about the Justice League voice actors.


Jess Nevins - Annotations and Other Pursuits

One of my inspirations for this site, Jess Nevins provides exhaustive annotations of some of the reference-dense comic books on the market.  His work is so celebrated that two books of his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen annotation guides have been published by MonkeyBrain Books.

Best known for her quirky 1995 hit "I Kissed a Girl," Jill Sobule is one of my favorite singer-songwriters working today.  Check this website out for some free MP3s of her later work; hopefully you'll like it and go out and buy some.  I actually got to meet her a few weeks ago after a concert.  It was an incredible experience:  she was incredibly sweet, beautiful, and has a pair of eyes that can burn right through you.  I'm not kidding about that last part; she has eyes like a Margaret Keane painting.



A great website dedicated to the greatest of all television shows:  the original Muppet Show.


Muppet Central

Quite possibly the best Muppet-related fan site on the Internet.  In addition to its comprehensive information, its passionate fan base, and its attractive design; this site also features Muppet Central Radio, a free online radio station providing rare audio tracks from the television shows, movies, and recordings.


Quicktime Movie Trailers

Need to see the trailers for the Hollywood's latest offerings?  Check here.


Rachael Yamagata

The home page for Rachael Yamagata, another excellent musician.  Got to meet her as well this past spring at a Liz Phair show; she's a phenomenal talent and was kind enough to sign my CD.  As far as I can tell she's a new player on the scene; expect big things from her.

The home page of Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon, one of the best comic books on the newsstand today.

A website dedicated to bringing back Surge, a Coca-Cola-brand soft drink that was available from 1997 to 2002.  I miss it dearly.


Seanbaby's Super Friends Page

A bluer, more ironic, tribute to Challenge of the Superfriends.  It's hilarious.


The Simpsons Archive

Simply put, the best Simpsons fan site on the Internet; their episode capsules are probably as anal retentively-annotated as my Trophy Room is.

The official website for artist Shane Glines, one of the animator designers for Batman, Superman, and Batman Beyond.



The home of the daily Sinfest comic strip, one of the hidden gems of the Internet.  With a flavor that's reminiscent of Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes, I'm surprised that a syndicate hasn't picked up artist Tatsuya Ishida yet.


South Park Studios

Often dismissed as being low humor, South Park is, in actuality, one of the best satirical television shows on today and, at South Park Studios, fans can find character bios, games, and downloads from all eight seasons.


Starbucks Everywhere

Here's an odd one:  this site is maintained by a man who goes by the name Winter, who has made it his mission to visit every Starbucks location in the world (well, sans business affiliate locations, but that's still a lot of coffee).  Check out his site to see where he's been; you may be shocked to see how close he's come to your neck of the woods.


Ted Rall Online

Home of political cartoonist and commentator Ted Rall.  Like Michael Moore, his work is both funny and disturbing at the same time.


Top Secret Recipes

Another unusual one, this site is the home for chef and "kitchen cloner" Todd Wilbur.  Featured on many television shows, Wilbur makes it his mission to decode the recipes of restaurant and convenience food—from chains as varied as McDonalds, T.G.I. Fridays, and Orange Julius—and figure out how to make "clones" of them, meaning imitations that taste just like the real thing, but can be made at home.  Almost twenty years and several books later, he's decoded hundreds of recipes.  Ever wanted to make Hostess Twinkie at home?  He'll show you how.

The official website for Tori Amos.  She's friends with Sandman writer Neil Gaiman, you know.


Tough Pigs

Another Muppets fan site; this one for older, angrier fans.


TV Tome

A mega-fan site, this web site provides guides for virtually every television show ever made.  Be sure to check out their Justice League Unlimited page, which I often go to for stuff that I may have missed.


The Works of H.P. Lovecraft

Thanks to the miracle of public domain laws, this site features all off H.P. Lovecraft's work in one handy, online archive.



One of the great pop culture critics online, X-Entertainment features tongue-in-cheek articles on everything from the Star Wars Holiday Special, the Gremlins video game from Atari, and Madballs.  Sometimes offensive, but always funny.


Image courtesy of Toon Zone.

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