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Ra's Al Ghul


Real Name:  Unknown

Voiced by David Warner

Originally a physician and mystic living in Northern Africa, the man who would become Ra's Al Ghul learned the secrets of immortality from dreams he experienced while sleeping over a node pointa place where the Earth's energies are strongest.  Six hundred years later, this man operates a vast global organization, which seeks to save the planet by eliminating the majority of human life upon it and establishing absolute tyranny over the survivors.  His sole opponent is the Batman, who rejected the slowly dying man's offer to become his successor.

Bruce Timm on Ra's Al Ghul:  "Ra's Al Ghul will not, repeat, will not be in Justice League Season Two (courtesy of Toon Zone).



Before we begin, hear me.  I have knowledge which is alien to you, for I have tasted food fresh from the dark fertile soil, and I have filled my lungs with untainted air, and I have quenched my thirst with water clear as the first day of creation, and you have not...because you can not.  Those things do not exist on this world any longer.  They have been destroyed by Man's lust for dominancea lust I know well, for at times it all but consumes me.

All is corrupt, all is sick, all is dying.  As am I.  As are you.

Ra's Al Ghul (to Batman) in Batman:  Birth of the Demon

Fans were disappointed to read Bruce Timm's announcement over the possibility of an appearance by Ra's Al Ghul on Justice League.  It's understandable:  they fondly remember his appearances on Batman:  the Animated Series, and hoped that he would return to face Batman well as his new comrades-in-arms.  In addition, Batman Beyond fans remember the cryptic mentions of a "near apocalypse of 2009" that was hinted at in Out of the Past.  To them, Ra's Al Ghul would be the perfect foil for the Justice League.  However, that's not entirely the case.

Don't get me wrong:  Ra's Al Ghul would make a wonderful opponent for the Justice League, but it's probably not high on the creative team's list at the moment.  Remember, he has appeared in a total of seven Batman, Superman, and Batman Beyond episodes, and perhaps they feel that he deserves a rest for a while (in fact, they may be out of stories for him at the moment).  Also, he traditionally is only a foe of Batman; and he faced the Justice League only recently in the comics.  Meanwhile, there are thirty years worth of DC villains that Bruce Timm and the rest of the creative team want to take a stab at.  And, who knows, perhaps Justice League will get picked up for a Third Season as well.

Take heart, friends:  Ra's Al Ghul's sword may cross with the League's another day.  Just not yet.


Images courtesy of the New Batman/Superman Adventures Homepage and The World's Finest.

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