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Vandal Savage


Real Name:  Vandar Adg

Voiced by Phil Morris

Virtually immortal, Vandal Savage is a powerful and mysterious figure.  He has secretly influenced history since the dawn of time. Adopting a new identity every hundred years, Savage has conquered countless civilizations. He was Ghengis Khan. He was Vlad the Impaler. He was Stalin. Knowing that every dictator will eventually fall, Vandal Savage periodically fakes his own death, then assumes a new identity, renewing his endless quest for power (courtesy of Cartoon Network press materials).

Rich Fogel on Vandal Savage:  The Savage Time also introduces Vandal Savage as the main villain; he is voiced by the talented Phil Morris.  Savage is such a towering villain we already have plans to bring him back a couple of times in Season Two (courtesy of Toon Zone).”

Bruce Timm on Vandal Savage:  Phil Morris had a small part as the Gorilla General in The Brave And The Bold, and we were all so impressed [that] we immediately made a mental note to remember him for Vandal Savage later in the season.  He's perfect, bringing just the right mix of sophistication and brutality to the part.  And as good as he is in this episode, he's even better in Season Two (courtesy of Toon Zone)!”



World War II-Era Vandal Savage Image



You know my nameI knew your great-great-great grandfather...or did I miss a great?  In fact, I've probably met all of your ancestors at one time or another...I remember a world without the wheel.  I have seen empires bloom and wither and die.  Brief as flowers.  And, periodically, I have chosen to rule the Earth.  This time I decided to wait until the competition was big enough and arrogant enough to make it worth humiliating...Let the games begin.

Vandal Savage in DC One Million #1

Roughly 25,000 years ago; a mysterious meteorite struck the Earth near the settlement of a Cro-Magnon named Vandar Adg.  Out of curiosity, the caveman drew closer, and was bathed in strange alien radiations that granted him immortality and enhanced healing.  As time passed around him Adg grew hungry for power; using his abilities to conquer some civilizations and rule others covertly behind the curtain of the Illuminati.  However, in recent years, the newly christened Vandal Savage has recognized that there is a new threat to his rule:  the planet's superhuman population.

Downplaying the “ancient immortal” aspects of his character (along with his enhanced strength and sorcery), Vandal Savage is played more as a James Bond-style villain in the Justice League’s Rogues Gallery.  To that end, he employs similar scientific plans to achieve his goals—in The Savage Time it was War Wheels and advanced jet propulsion systems, while in Maid of Honor it was a Mass Driver Rail Gun.  Furthermore, since his last appearance, his costume has changed slightly to reflect this motif—from his Golden Age uniform (seen briefly in The Savage Time) to an outfit similar to the type worn by Bond villains such as Dr. No and Ernst Blofeld.

As with Ra's Al Ghul and Darkseid, I believe that the creative team has discovered this series’ major adversary in Vandal Savage.  By battling Savage, the Justice League battles a firmly-entrenched power structure that has been in place since the dawn of civilization.  In addition, Savage is an old hand at conquering and ruling empires, so he’s already very experienced when it comes to preparation and out-maneuvering his enemies.  Of course, even if the Justice League were to overcome his campaigns, he can plan new ones at his leisure.  After all, he has all the time in the world…


Images courtesy of The World’s Finest and Bat13 from DCU Animated.

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