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Supporting Villains in Justice League


Bruce Timm on supporting villains:  “One of the cool things we’re doing is any time we need a secondary villain—along with a major villain we’ll have a secondary villain who has a plot twist or something in the show to spice it up—instead of creating a villain, we’re using old DC villains that we don’t necessarily consider major.  They’re not A-list villains, but we’ll stick them in the secondary parts, so we’ll have cameos by…well, I don’t want to give it away, but you’ll see. They’ll be a bunch of cool DC villains (courtesy of [website name removed]).”


Supporting Villains Who Have Appeared


Season One:

The Alien Invaders (Secret Origins)

Kanjar Ro (In Blackest Night)

Deadshot (The Enemy Below)

The Injustice Gang (Injustice For All)

Hades (Paradise Lost)

Draaga (War World)

Dr. Sarah Corwin (The Brave and the Bold)

Tsukuri, The Injustice Gang (Fury)

Lex Luthor, The Injustice Guild (Legends)

Mordrid (A Knight of Shadows)

Java (Metamorphosis)

Vandal Savage (The Savage Time)


Season Two:

Kalibak, Desaad, Steppenwolf (Twilight)

Mercy Graves (Tabula Rasa)

Copperhead, Firefly, Luminus, Solomon Grundy, Volcana (Only a Dream)

Colonel Vox (Maid of Honor)

N/A (Hearts and Minds)

Doomsday, Lex Luthor (A Better World)

Solomon Grundy (The Terror Beyond)

Eclipso (Eclipsed)

??? (Hereafter)

??? (The Secret Society)

??? (Comfort and Joy)

??? (Wild Cards)

??? (Starcrossed)


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